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TranScriptions: featuring Otter! (x-posted)

featuring: Otter Eliconia

Thursday, July 9; doors @ 7:15pm
at Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St, JP
$5-10 donation, cash only please!

It's finally summer, and TranScriptions, Boston's monthly queer/trans open mic, is heating things up things up. Don't miss this month's feature, TranScriptions regular Otter Eliconia!

Otter reads hot consent-based porn to illustrate zan vision of healthier sex. Ze considers zan work direct action against dominating heteropatriarchal ideas about sexxx. Ze also speaks incendiary poetry and sappy love songs. Ze learned to be a vulgar loudmouth when ze was raised by a pack of wild sisters south of (A)tlanta, and ze hopes to be everything zan sisters taught zan. Other loudmouths should feel liberated to respond and participate vocally during zan performance.

TranScriptions is every 2nd Thursday and features a special guest performer each month. This space is for queer folks, trans people, genderqueers, lesbians, gay guys, dykes, bisexuals, butches, femmes, bears, crossdressers, pansexuals, poly people, drag kings 'n' queens, ftm's, mtf's, allies and YOU! Read a poem, play a song, spit a rhyme, bust a move, tell a joke, or just take it all in.

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